PO: 33

How to load this backup

You'll need:

  • a Pocket Operator: 33
  • an AUX cord
  • a phone/computer & app to play .FLAC/.AIF at 44100 Hz.

1) Download the file

The file will be an .AIF or .FLAC file which doesn't compress the backup.

2) Load into a 44100Hz app

The backup file requires an app that doesn't compress the output. On a computer you can use audacity and on android you can use USB Audio Recorder PRO.

You can also try just using your browser (on android go on chrome and go to file:///sdcard/ then navigate to your download folder & select the file.)

Once you have the file loaded, turn on airplane mode or turn off notifications so your device won't have a random alert interrupt the delicate backup loading process.

3) Load backup on PO

With your device connected to the pocket operator, on your PO click: record + sound + write. You'll see "rcv" on your PO.

Click play on your app to initiate the backup. Some numbers should start to appear on the PO. Wait until the sound file is complete and your PO should say "END". If you get "Err" then try again by adjusting the sound on your phone (turn it down to avoid clipping or turn it up). Additionally try a different app.